In conversation: Thom Woodroofe and Bob Carr

The US election and what this means for climate change.

The US presidential election in November will determine many things, none more fundamental than climate policy.

If Trump is re-elected, the US pulls out of the Paris Agreement and becomes a spoiler at the UN COP26 Climate Change conference. A Biden presidency, however, would place climate change at the forefront and open the door to a rekindled relationship between the US and China. Could Joe Biden as President see the two nations collaborate on climate change, much as they did in 2014 under Obama?

Tom Woodroofe, Senior Advisor on Multilateral Affairs to the President of the Asia Society Policy Institute, headed by Kevin Rudd, has been driving research on the prospect of US-China cooperation on climate.

For the second in our special #uts4climate interview series, Professor Bob Carr speaks to Thom Woodroofe about his findings and what could eventuate for climate with a change of leadership in the US.