In conversation with Ross Garnaut

Economist Ross Garnaut lays out how the government can set Australia on the path to 100 percent renewable energy in his new book on climate policy.

Climate change mitigation is arguably the most divisive policy area in our nation’s recent history.

Launching his new book on climate policy, leading economist Ross Garnaut discussed “the diabolical challenge” of policy making in this area and laid out how the government could set Australia on the path to 100 percent renewable energy. He was joined by Industry Professor the Hon. Bob Carr, UTS Executive Director, Social Justice, Verity Firth and 150 guests at the launch at UTS on Thursday 21 November, 2019.

In Superpower: Australia’s Low-Carbon Opportunity, Professor Garnaut analyses the state of the argument over economics and assesses progress on slashing carbon in the current Australian context: no ambitious targets from government but a big movement by investors and a shift in markets. Might Australia pull it off? Ross Garnaut is uniquely placed to answer this and related questions.

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