Our society faces a climate emergency

We are taking action.


From coral reef resilience to driving the clean energy transition and reducing campus energy use, UTS staff and students make huge contributions towards positive action on climate change.

But that’s no longer enough.

We recognise that a drastic societal shift is needed to combat this threat.

UTS signed a climate emergency declaration not to show good will or solidarity, but as a basis for increased action.

We are committing more resources to climate change research and skills creation. We will increase sustainability education across our curriculum, campus and community programs so that our 10,000 graduates are armed with the tools to contribute towards positive change. We will continue to bring communities, industry and government together to debate the contested themes around the climate emergency. We will argue for the need for a climate consensus and will work towards carbon neutrality on campus.

Through the combined impact of our research, teaching and learning, operations and engagement, we will inspire a positive change in course for Australia’s future.

News and views

Fairness, science and fury

Fairness, science and fury

Video from a recent event, co-hosted by UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion and the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Every apocalypse is inevitable until it is cancelled. This one can be cancelled by the snowballing power of fairness, science and fury –...

UTS4Climate: The Podcast

UTS4Climate: The Podcast

Listen to some of our most compelling conversations from 2020... The UTS4Climate podcast, made by Impact Studios at UTS in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Futures, creates a space to explore climate change from all angles, and to find practical...

The big questions

Experts and the public come together at our #uts4climate events to discuss and debate issues around climate change. Watch as our guest speakers respond to important questions that will shape our future. 
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